Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up at the Lake

We're up at Lake Superior for the summer. Here's the cabin, the world's tiniest space (10X20ft). No running water, but I did put in DSL, since I'm addicted to the internet.

Vanya is delighted to see 2 or 3 new people each day. He's so delighted, he sometimes forgets his manners and shrieks and pulls if I'm not walking quickly enough toward his heart's desire. Then we walk backwards until he stops pulling, and try again. Luckily I have the world's most patient neighbors. Some of them think Vanya is insane, but most of them thank he's adorable. Actually, Vanya's antics probably just make them feel good about their own dogs.

Our first night up, my friend Nancy (and Vanya's bestest friend, since she cooks liver for him and lets him up on her couch) and I walked with him down to the beach in the dark. Bears were about, so we were all a little on edge. When we got near the Huusko's house, a little poodle came running out toward us in the dark, with an owner (Lyle) behind, shouting "Buddy! Come back!" Buddy of course ignored Lyle and came charging and barking, 10 lbs of fuzzy frenzy, right up to us. Vanya was excited, but not at all aggressive. In fact, he seemed delighted to meet this crazy little critter. Nancy stepped in between Vanya and Buddy; Buddy ran back to Lyle; and Vanya whined and yearned to go play. I'll never figure that dog out! But now Lyle and I have arranged a playdate on the beach for Vanya and Buddy, once Vanya's new muzzle arrives. Wish us luck. Maybe we have a little dog in our future--I have noticed that Vanya seems thrilled by little dogs, and his furious reactions are all toward big honking black dogs.

Our first morning, we drove into the village to do chores (with Vanya in his crate in the backseat). A huge ancient black lab came ambling up to the car, and at first Vanya just looked at her, but when she kept coming, he got overwrought, barking hysterically. Oh well. Then when we went to Siskiwit Farms to pick up the grass-fed meat, their dogs were out too, and also came bounding up to the car. Such indignity for poor Vanya. But he was happy to get to go sniff at the well, where I fill my water containers.

Today he swam, romped on the beach a few times, clambered around in the sea caves under my rocks, scrambled through the rock falls, scaring the daylights out of me, barked at a bear out the window, and is now snoozing on the couch.

Here he was on the deck, panting in the sun:

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