Tuesday, February 9, 2010

feb 2010: apostle island sled dog races

My first sled dog race! What a blast! I want to be a sled dog when I grow up. As a friend said to me, in the midst of the pandemonium from 200 excited sled dogs: "I never thought I'd be around dogs who make Vanya look calm." 

For a taste of the sound and excitement:

And for some pictures of the dogs--these are dogs that are lined up in the starting block, the next team to go, being held by volunteers while the driver (often a young woman--some mushers were as young as 8) does the final check. Each photo is taken during the 30 second countdown before the whistle. These dogs are ready to go. (The first two slides are of my friend's granddaughter, who is imitating a werewolf. She's Stella, also known as Vanya's skijor ballast on the sled.)

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