Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day! Youtube clips of Vanya and his sweetie

Here are some video clips of Vanya and his valentine, Miss Plushy.

First, Vanya is trying to be calm as we walk, on leash, near Miss Plushy. He can manage this for a little while, but then he gets frustrated and tries to pull out of his harness: (he's blurry and off in the distance, upper left of screen); see this video and the others after the break....

He does calm back down in about 20 seconds (off screen), offers me his focus behaviors nicely, and as a reward, he gets to run over and greet Plushy:

Then he can focus much closer to her, on leash, and offer his focus behaviors politely (although he's still excited enough to jump up a bit for his treats):

And finally, off leash, he does a couple recalls and as a reward gets to go pounce on her again. By now, he's had several interactions with her this morning, so he knows she's a stuffed animal, not a real dog:

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  1. I thought Vanya was going to start humping Miss Plushy in that last video!