Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Shaping

We shaped front feet up on a perch, rear end circling around, in part for me to practice clicking for behavior, treating for position.

Here's the first clip, when I'm still trying to figure out where to stand:

Here's the second clip, when Vanya begins to believe that he's being clicked for dipping his head, not for moving his feet (since he dipped his head and moved his feet at the same time, when I was clicking his read end moving).  I have a hard time isolating specific behaviors, to put it mildly: if I keep the rate of reinforcement nice and high, my dogs can't tell what exactly I'm reinforcing. If I try to isolate the specific behavior too quickly, they get frustrated: 

And finally, here's the third clip, when he's turning (and still dipping some):

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